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Welcome to Christian Based Writing Curriculum, Mid-grade novels and literature studies, so 
            engaging, kids won't be able to 
                           put them down!

Books for Girls!
Creative Writing Made Easy
Creative Writing Curriculum with hands-on activities! 
Creative writing curriculum
Isabel's new neighbor is a real princess! Your students will be guided step by step in creating an adventure where both the student and her characters grow in faith towards God. Each of the 12 lessons will teach the basics of creative writing such as:
  •  Creating the princess character
  •  Developing a faith filled plot
  •  Using your senses in a setting
  •  Spicing up your dialogue

NEW!! Listen to Tracey Masters Review
"This book is not just for 8-12-year-olds,  my 6-year-old daughter loved it and it nurtured her faith in Christ!"
"It is a wonderful book about family, friendship, adventure, joy, faith, hope, love, and honesty."
"The faith-based book mentions scripture verses and emphasizes prayer."
"I loved that Callie knew to seek God's help and guidance through prayer when she struggled with life's circumstances."
"Christian homeschool educators, children's literature book clubs, co-op groups, and Christian school literature circle classes can safely add this book to their reading lists. The book does not contain any inappropriate material."
"I highly recommend this book for girls.  The book description states that it is suitable for tween girls between the ages of 8-12 in approximately 3rd-6th grade. I believe girls as young as 6 will eagerly read the book with someone. The book can be read aloud or independently read by fluent readers."
New Millennium Girl Books
Eleven-year-old Callie Fleming is a passionate animal lover! She’s been waiting all year to enter photos in the I Love Nature Photo Contest. Her dad, who is the coolest dad in the world, is an award winning photographer and Marine Corps Reserves Sergeant. She is leaning on his help to win. But when her father is untimely deployed overseas and becomes strangely silent to her emails, she finds her whole world crashing down on her. Can she muster up the courage to step out on a journey that whisks her away from all the things she loves? Join Callie on a journey of hope, trust and the power of prayer!
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NEW!! Literature Study Guide for Callie's Contest of Courage

Filled with faith building discussion questions, vocabulary 
exercises and fun activities. Perfect for Book Clubs or individual studies.

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Isabel's Secret - Encourage faith and courage in a young girl's heart  with Isabel's Secret mid-grade novel for tweens!
New Millennium Girl
Isabel lives on Angel Ridge Ranch in the little town of Misty Springs, Colorado. "Winners never quit and quitters never win, for I serve the mighty God that lives deep within!" This has been her faith motto since she was three years old. Can her faith help her beat Kip Johnson in the bare back race this Thanksgiving, even though she's a girl?  Will it help her uncover the family secret that Grandmother Biltmore never wants her to find out? Will she survive "girl" camp? Read Isabel's Secret and find out! Look on the "Books" page for more information. 
Homeschool Writing Books
New Millennium Girl
Who are the New Millennium Girls?
Isabel's Secret
They are the girls from 8-12 years old that are in your family, in your class at school, or live down the street. 
New Millennium Girl
They believe in God and love Him with all their hearts. 
New Millennium Girl Books-homeschool writing books
They love the faith adventures God brings into their lives and they meet them head on with unshakable faith.

They are the girls of the Joshua generation of faith, girls of this New Millennium, girls with a different spirit!
New Millennium Girl

Books for Boys!  
Homeschool Writing Books
Spies of the Revolutionary War
Learn about American History and the brave patriots who fought for freedom, while creating your very own spy story!
Creative writing curriculum 

Become a Spy of the Revolutionary War...
Make a secret code!
Make a battle drum!
Make a dead drop message carrier!
Write About it!

lapbooks creative writing curriculum
Spies of the Revolutionary War includes - Creative Writing Curriculum Unit and Lapbook 
New Millennium Books
Creative and Crafty Writing
It combines creative writing lessons with cool crafts that kids love. Even reluctant writers are inspired to create with these inviting, hands-on lessons.
Homeschool Writing Curriculum
To order  Callie's Contest of Courage, Isabel's Secret, Spies of the Revolutionary War and Christian creative writing curriculums for Kids! See  Bookstore for Homeschool writing curriculum and Great Homeschool Writing Books.
Check out the Free Homeschool Resources Page with links to BJU writing club and Scholastic Book's writing contest for kids, Kid's Are Authors. Also free pages for creative writing ideas, Anne of Green Gables word search, and tips on how to put some fun and interest into your homeschool days. Go to the FREE Homeschool Resource Page.