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                             Callie's Contest of Courage 
                                       Literature Bundle

Join eleven-year-old Callie, her annoying little brother, Curt and the Twins of Mischief on this exciting journey of faith! 
Christ centered and overflowing with character building moments, faith building discussion, vocabulary exercises, language arts and fun activities. Perfect for individuals or book clubs. 
"This is a wonderful book about family, friendship, adventure, and  faith. It nurtured my daughter's faith in Christ."
 Bundle Includes:

  • Mid-Grade Novel-ages 8-11
  • Literature Study Guide, 72 pages - Learn literary elements, and activities: make a butterfly box, Nana's Banana Creme Pie, yard games send a care package to the troops
  • Digital Lapbook - Bears, Butterflies and George Washington!

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