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Isabel's Secret
Get the Most out of your Dialogue
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Isabel's Secret

Character Worksheet 
Learn to develop a character with our FREE Handout below.
Isabel's Secret
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A Plot is Like a Road Map
Learn how to develop an interesting plot. Download your free handout!
Creative writing curriculum
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Isabel and Starlight Decorated Writing Paper 
Creative writing curriculum
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Isabel's Secret
How to Make School Time More Fun and Enjoyable! :)
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Add Art to Any Subject!
New Millennium Girl Books           Make a poster-size map of the USA. Check out books from the library on each state. Draw your own icon for every state and color it in. Add fun stickers and of course add the capital city! Do one or two each day. My kids couldn't wait for Geography!
Do a Unit Study and Use History or Science as the Core!
New Millennium Girl BooksStart with George Washington and read library books on him.
Write a poem about him. Make up a story about the Spies of the Revolutionary War. (Watch for upcoming newsletters, I will post an awesome six week Creative Writing course with activities based on this!) Make a clay diorama of the revolutionary war. (Boys love this!) Include horses, American Indians, cannons, etc.
New Millennium Girl BooksBob Jones Curriculum Press has a wonderful online book club for children called Inscriptions. Students learn to develop characters, plot and settings. You can also submit your stories for evaluations and enter contests.This is perfect for that child who loves to write!
Kids are Authors Scholastic Book's annual creative writing contest. Children work in groups of three to write and illustrate a picture book. Great opportunity for a family homeschool project!The winners are published and sold at their book fairs and recipients of $5000.00 of scholastic books! Worth checking out! Click Here
Christian Creative Writing Curriculum for Kids!
See Bookstore for Homeschool writing curriculum and Great Homeschool Writing Books.