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Build a Green House of Faith in your Homeschool


Build a Green House of Faith in Your Homeschool

It was during the first few years of homeschooling when I met an extraordinary young lady. She was creative. She was mature. She was vivacious and responsible. And she was only 14!
As with most of us married with children, I didn’t go out often (something I would heartily change if I did it all over again!). But when I did, I wanted to leave my children in a wholesome and safe environment.  I had already experienced the downside of leaving my children with girls who came highly recommended from a nearby Christian school. Upon coming home I discovered one had been on the phone with her boyfriend the entire night and that the other had played Barbie dolls with my eight-year-old daughter. I’m not opposed to Barbie dolls but wasn’t happy to hear that Barbie and Ken needed to take a shower that night– together!
Christ in their eyesThankfully this new found girl was different. She had light in her eyes, a glow on her face, a purity of heart and a desire to love God above all else. I had to know. I had to ask her mother, "How did you instilled this into her daughter’s life?" Her answer? “Three or four times a week we listen to on-fire, faith-filled  preaching videos with our entire homeschool family. We don’t wait for Sundays, we want to hear it all week long!” The living Word of God streaming  forth, coupled with this young woman’s faith, created a hot house for growing Christ-like character. I knew right then and there I wanted to emulate the same strength in my children. She reminded me once more that it wasn’t about math or language or  ACT scores. It was about Jesus.  It was about how my children would affect the world and their generation for the glory of God. And that has made all the difference!

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Teaching Discipline of Quiet Time

Teaching Kids to Have
              a Quiet Time Brings Refreshing!

Teaching children to have a daily quiet time yields so many benefits! This summer build some solace into your day where everyone reaps rewards. (This can be great practice for your school in the fall!)Allow children to rest for an hour a day in their rooms or a special nook (regardless of age!) 

Using it for  Bible reading, reflection or quiet play teaches them to slow down and builds into them a habit our Savior had of retreating from the noise and crowds of the day. It's in this time we hear His voice of guidance, creativity or affirmation. 

It's a daily discipline that yields the same for busy moms. Restrain from doing the laundry or answering emails! Let the Lord whisper to your heart the answers you've been asking. It's not only good for your spirit but for your blood pressure too! 

A rested homeschool mom is a better homeschool mom. After all it's in Him we live and move and have our being. All success in this life flows from Him. Help your children learn how to cultivate it with quiet time! You'll be glad you did!

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Free Download of Family Bible Bites


Character Counts!   
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Character Building eBook Freebie!

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Callies Contest of Courage

Make Summer Count for Character

Making Your Summer Count for Character 

New Millennium GIrl Books for girls
Summertime is an open window to work on your children’s character when there is free time to be creative. I just heard a mom say, "Their dad said they may be great at reading, but they need to work on manners!” 2 Timothy tells us that the Word of God is good for teaching, correcting, reproof in righteousness."

Here are some fun things to help teach Christian character while enjoying the abundant good weather of summer:
New Millennium GIrl Books for girlsDraw the letters L-O-V-E in your garden with a stick and plant radish seeds in the letters.  When the plants come up, it will spell the word love. Talk about how God made loved us so much that He gave His son. When the radishes ripen, give some away to those you love.  Memorize John 3:16

Study bugs with a magnifying glass. Make a list of all the wonderful ways God makes provision for each one; like giving them large eyes to see all around them to keep them safe from hungry birds. Talk about how God makes provision to take care of us, too.

Freebie New Millennium Girl BooksPlant pumpkin seeds. When they sprout, have each child scratch their names on one; when they grow the names will grow, too. Talk about how He is the big vine and we are all the little pumpkins. We are all a part of His family.  Memorize John 15:5 Sing the song, “We are the Vine He is the branches” with hand motions. This is a fun one!

Make natural sugar free soda by adding equal parts of your favorite sugar free fruit juice to flavored seltzer water. This is a great way to cool off! Talk about how God has made natural sweet treats to enjoy because He loves us.  Pray about how you could share some with your neighbors. (Genesis 2:8)

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Relaxed Summer Learning

New Millennium Girl Books for girls

Relaxed Summer Learning 

Ask my kids and 
they’ll tell you we didn't  homeschool in the summer. But actually, they did! I snuck in my “we are going to be explorers all summer” speech. I gave them binoculars, a notebook, and a magnifying glass. I beefed it up with all kinds of explorer talk and even cook up a few fun snacks that they could take with them in their back packs.

Each day they pretended to visit another place-California, China or the moon! I encouraged them to build tents, count ants, and listen for birds and record their findings like real explorers. They can take pictures or draw pictures in notebooks.

New Millennium Girl Books for girlsOf course I had my younger children count the bugs and rocks they collect on their expeditions and the older ones get to use fractions in our cooking time. But as experts tell us, self discovery learning sticks with kids for a longer time so I encouraged them to find out for themselves why crickets sing and lightning bugs light up.

It won't take long for them to beg to go to the library to find out! We all feel more relaxed and happy without the push, push, push of the regular school year and I know my kids are satisfying their curiosity and learning at the same time. Exploring nature keeps them learning without them even knowing it!

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Encourage your Creative Writer!

New Millennium Girl Books for girlsEncourage your Creative Writer!

Creative Writing is far more than leading your children to make up fanciful stories. It offers a multitude of educational opportunities building skills your children will use throughout their lifetimes.

Martin Luther said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen!” He was spot on.  Harriet Beecher Stowe was hailed as the little woman who started this great Civil War by President Abraham Lincoln through the influence of her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. If the written word is paramount in influencing the world around us, how can we as educators develop it in our homeschools?
·        It teaches strategic thought and problem solving through learning how to write a plot
·        It teaches close observation through learning to develop sensory writing which will overflow into science class!
·        It teaches characterization, producing self expression and empathy 
·        It teaches sentence structure and format in a fun way
·        It teaches how to unleash creativity, how to think outside the box, invent and practice imagination
·        It helps children succeed and grow in confidence. They may not feel brave enough to tackle a new skill, or process a current life experience but through speaking through the eyes of the characters they can write about it.

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Seeing God in Nature with Little Ones!

New Millennium Girl Books homeschool curriculum

Teaching Kids 
Spiritual Themes through Nature

Exploring Nature teaches children about who God is and how He provides for all the earth. There is a reason why people feel close to the Creator when they walk in a forest or enjoy the song of a bird. In this hectic fast paced world we live in teach your children to slow down and enjoy nature. It will serve them as a peaceful haven for the rest of their lives!

Catch frogs or toads and make a special habitat for them. Read books from the library to find out how. Talk about how creating a natural environment is important in keeping them alive and healthy. Talk about how God wants us to live in a healthy spiritual environment so we will be healthy and alive, too. 

Write down the things that create a healthy spiritual environment with colorful markers together, decorate the page and post it on the refrigerator. (2 Corinthians 6:17-18) These might include:
  • Bible reading
  • Bible memory
  • Good attitudes of love and kindness
  •  Forgiveness
  • Wholesome music and movies
Catch fireflies and put them in recycled plastic containers. Let them light up your patio like little lanterns. Talk about how you can be Christ’s light to a dark world.  (Matthew 5:16)

Make a weather watch calendar with a piece of white poster board. Each day draw what kind of weather is outside. Talk about how even though it may be cloudy sometimes, the sun is still shining above them. Talk about how we can always count on God’s goodness even when we can’t feel it.

Visit the Zoo and talk about how each animal’s difference is pleasing to God and how each one demonstrates a truth about who He is. Talk about how each one of us, no matter how different we may feel or look, is pleasing to God and He loves us. 
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Fun Boredom Busters for Kids this Summer


Summer Boredom Busters

Summertime is a great time for excitement for kids for those first few weeks when school is out. But it seems like only a couple of weeks before the loss of routine makes them say, “Mom, I’m bored!”

To detour this, I always sit down with my kids at the beginning of summer with a special treat and brainstorm with them things they would like to do with others AND the things they could do by themselves if they get bored. Some of my favs:

  • Paint rainbows on toast with food coloring then eat it!
  • Use giant size t-shirts, stuff pillows in them and be suma wrestlers!
  • Make a doll house out of a shoe box
  • Mix up bubble paints with water and paints, then blow bubbles and lay paper over it to catch the imprint
  • Catch bugs
  • Dig for treasure 
  • Make duc-tape bracelets
  • Marble paint-tape a piece of paper inside a shirt box lid-  squirting washable paints in a shoe box then roll marbles around-lift off paper when finished!
  • Have a bubble party and invite friends over to bring their bubbles and wands
  • Make ice cream cups by layering crushed cookies and candies with ice cream. Push a wooden stick in and freeze.
  • Go on the Oregon Trail Adventure
  • Play Post Office
  • Bird Watch and draw and color in a notebook
  • Host a book club and do activities
  • Make Teddy Bear Jello Cups
  • Let your child make a collage of things they like for their bedroom with poster board and magazines
  • see how many things you can make out of plastic recyle-ables

For my younger one who can’t read or write yet, I have them draw a small picture next to the words, so if I’m busy and can’t read the list with them, they can understand the list by themselves. For example, they might draw a tent next to the one that reads: Make Army Tent with Brother.

I post the list on the refrigerator. I find my little ones zooming in the room to look at the list then zooming off again on an adventure. Once the list is exhausted, we make another one. I also look for outdoor projects they can work on.  If this doesn’t work, I always use the, “ace up my sleeve,” I have some chores for you to do.” They vanish!

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Be a Spring Detective!

Writing books for girls-New               

    Finish the School Year Strong-
            Be a Spring Detective!

With the welcoming of spring, the days are warmer and the kid’s are itching to get outside. Sometimes it’s hard to keep them motivated as the end of the school year comes to a close. A great way to end the school year strong is to study the seasons and be spring detectives with a weekly photo scavenger hunts. It’s a perfect time for a field trip around your neighborhood or local state park and it rejuvenating to soak up the fresh air and sunshine for the whole family.

    Host a weekly Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt
Kids love taking photos so give them a reason to do it! Host a weekly Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt with other families. Print out the photos and instruct the kids to notebook about what they are learning by just observing and being in nature. If you have a budding artist, they may also enjoy sketching their finds in a notebook.

·         Look for-Budding trees-which ones bloom first and last in your area?
·         Look for Blooming flowers-daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, crocus,
·         Watch for new animal life-fat robins, ducklings, bunnies, worms after a rain
·         Listen for frogs coming out of hibernation at nearby ponds
·         Visit wildlife conservatories and nature centers
·         Take a trip to the local zoo-what new babies have been born? Photograph them!
·         Photograph puddles, raindrops, rainbows, wet bushes, muddy gardens-anything that the rain affects.
Take advantage of this new excitement by adding spring hands on activities to your day.
·         Make and fly a kite! Wonderful fun on a windy spring day!
·         Discover why it’s windy in the spring.
·         Make a wind sock or wind chimes
·         Make a rain gauge and chart the weather!
·         Make a birdhouse to welcome birds back to your yard.
·         Talk about how animals find shelter during storms. This is a wonderful opportunity to share how God protects us too!
·         Make a storm emergency kit and give each child a job during storms such as finding flashlights, etc. This helps children feel like they are not helpless and can do something to feel safe.
·         Read fascinating stories on how animals can be predictors of weather-

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Homeschoolers Finish Strong! Ten Preschool Activites to Keep Littles Busy

New Millennium Girl Books for Girls

Homeschoolers Finish Strong!
Ten Easy Activities to Keep Preschoolers Busy

Many of us want to finish strong and complete a few things before we call it quits for the school year. Homeschooling with toddlers and preschoolers can definitely add challenges towards that goal. One thing that helped me through those years with my toddler was to do the more important subjects during nap time.

Also I noticed if I spent one on one time with my little one first before I started with my school age child, it satisfied their need for mom-time right off the bat.  For families with multiple children, scheduling each school-age child with easy activities to keep preschoolers busy helped create a peaceful home and nourished the young child’s need to be involved with the family.

Toddlers are some of the busiest people! With some creativity, you can keep those little hands busy while developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to 
Time spent on getting these activities together will reap big rewards! Preschoolers can glean loads of educational skills with their “school” assignments and grow in independent learning.

1. Toddler Tube-drop pom-poms through a cardboard tube that spills into a bowl over and over-

2.  Pipe cleaners and a colander will also keep toddlers occupied and develop fine motor skills.

3. Use masking tape and lay out your ‘track’ roadway on the couch and furniture for match box cars.  Make it fun by going down onto the floor and up the side of the couch.

4. Use a tub of hot wheel cars (or other toys) and colored construction paper and instruct your little ones to park the cars on the matching color.

5. Build a dinosaur with cut out shapes of rectangles, triangles and circles!

6. Preschool Shape Hunt - Learning activity for three year olds with very little set up required-

 7. Set up a Pouring Station Activity for toddlers with different size containers into a large plastic tub-this is good for tons of fun!

8. Scoop and transfer different kinds of dried beans from bowls into dry ice cube tray. Great for developing small motor skills!

9. Thread dry pasta on straws stuck in play dough.

10. Contact Paper Collage-Have the child rip strips of construction paper and put them into a small box. Then tape a piece of contact paper onto the table, sticky side up. Show the child how to put the torn up bits onto the contact paper.    
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Homeschool Writing Curriculum
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For Kids-8-12yrs 
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