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GIVEAWAY!! Boys Writing Books!
NEW Writing Curriculum Just for Boys!
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GIVEAWAY!! Boys Writing Books!

Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books

Creative Writing Made Easy | by Meredith Henning

Do you have a busy adventurer in your house?
Is it hard to get him (or her) to sit still for writing lessons?
Here’s a fun new bundle that will surely entice your most busy and wiggly learner to enjoy the writing process.
The New Adventurer’s Writing Bundle from Jan May the creator of Creative Writing Made Easy series books.

Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksDo you love to go to the zoo?
We love to visit the Zoo and just recently paid a visit to the zoo in our new city, Phoenix, AZ. What a great tie-in to this delightful new writing program.

The Zany Zoo Adventures writing guide is packed with information about how to create a whole Zoo City, it has been quite an adventure so far.
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksRight from the beginning, the author walks the student through each step of the writing process in a fun-filled, simple formula.
Having taught creative writing for the past 15 years, the author claims that even the most reluctant writer can succeed given the right tools for a creative writing adventure.
Creativity is stressed over the drudgery of grammar, and giving praise all throughout the writing process will propel your student into the writing pool with enthusiasm, and not to mention fun!
There are twelve easy lessons with a handout or worksheet to accompany each lesson. The lessons build upon each other for a great final result.

From the Table of Contents:
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books
  • Lesson One-Create a Character
  • My Zoo Animal Report
  • Lesson Two-Create a Setting
  • Lesson Three-Create a Plot
  • Lesson Four-The Golden Rule: Show Don’t Tell
  • Lesson Five-Write the Beginning
  • Lesson Six-Dialogue
  • Lesson Seven-Write the Middle
  • Lesson Eight-Stage Directions
  • Lesson Nine-Write the End
  • Lesson Ten-Spice Up Your Story
  • Lesson Eleven-Edit Your Story
  • Lesson Twelve-Put It all Together
Zany Zoo Adventures leads the young writer through a fun series of exercises to gently learn the writing process with this very familiar topic of zoo animals.

The first step of course is to choose your zoo character.
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksGabriel picked the Orange Lion Tamarin (Monkey) as there was one at the Phoenix Zoo and he was so excited to learn more about him.

Filling out the Zoo Animal Report in Lesson One is a perfect entre into writing about their character/animal.

The remaining lessons work carefully through each step of the writing process. We are currently working through Lesson six and creating the Dialogue of the story.
We can’t wait to work through the rest of the steps to find out what will happen with Gabriel’s Orange Lion Tamarin.
Stay tuned…

Benefits of the Creative Writing Made Easy Program
Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books
  • Easy to Use
  • Written for the Teacher/Homeschool Mom
  • Simple explanations for how to conduct lessons
  • Each lesson builds on the previous lesson for continuity and comprehension of the writing process

As the parent/teacher, I appreciate all the great teacher notes included in each of the Adventurer series.
The teacher’s attitude is a crucial element in the beginning writing process and so suggestions are given to be super encouraging all along the way — but also to “stay out of the way” of your writer so the creative process can take off for them.
Excellent suggestions for new or seasoned homeschool teachers!

Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksWe are looking forward to working through both the Spies of the Revolutionary War and Ocean Adventures in Writing down the road to solidify all the great writing tools that we are learning with the Zany Zoo Adventures program.
Please be sure to follow New Millennium Books on these social media sites:

Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksAuthor Jan May is giving away her Creative Writing Made Easy Series to one (1) Curriculum Choice reader!
Fun hands-on language activities. This series is focused on the reluctant writers and great for boys. Three new books include: Spies of the Revolutionary War, Ocean Adventures in Writing and Zany Zoo Adventures in Writing. Play balloon bomb, Word Frisbee, Match Game. Do a an easy marble or dot painting of your character, make a secret code and battle drum. Be a spy and write about it!
This contest is open to residents of the continental USA for the physical copies of the books. Digital ebooks are available to an international winner.
What new adventures in writing await you and your young writers?


Thursday March 30 - April 4

Creative  Writing Made Easy
Writing Curriculum for Boys

Parents are Saying:

"It's difficult to find a writing curriculum that will capture a boy's imagination and motivate him to write. This curriculum did just that. My son loved this curriculum! It was interesting, engaging, and easy to follow--a must for a busy home schooling mom. I only wish there were more options like this for boys. Of course, it was a big hit with my daughter too. I highly recommend it." Effie Hill, Author and Home Educator

Even the Reluctant Writer will Dive into the Writing Pool!

Stop by for a Chance to Win a Bundle!
The Curriculum Choice

Great Books Adding Fun and Creativity to your Homeschool

Share it with Your Friends!

NEW Writing Curriculum Just for Boys!

NEW Writing Curriculum Just for Boys!

Boys will love this curriculum created for writing about battles! 
It contains 12 easy self-guided lessons covering the basics of creative writing: character, setting, dialogue and plot development. Each lesson has a handout to practice the new concept, writing story time and either a battle craft or activity. Activities include: Putting together a back yard obstacle course, making a clay diorama of the battlefield, host a Nerf gun war, draw maps and illustrate the story. Literary tools to enhance writing are incorporated like: Onomatopoeia, show don’t tell, similes and comic relief.  This course can be used in approximately one 60 minute lesson or two 30 minute lessons per week.

Ages 8-12

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale

"This Curriculum literally rocked
our world! It turned writing time into a delight."

Perfect Gift for the Girl who
Loves to Read and Write Stories!

30 % OFF Now $35.80 

Creative Writing Made Easy Workbook- Each of the 12 easy lessons teaches the basics of creative writing in character, setting, plot, and dialogue development. Students are guided step by step in writing an adventure where both the student and her characters grow in faith towards God.
Isabel's Closet Paper Doll and Craft book - Create your character for the story, then as a paper doll, make her closet and design her clothes. Roll play the adventures as you go!
Isabel's Secret - wholesome chapter book about the real Isabel who lives on Angel Ridge Horse Ranch and the mysteries she solves with her best friend, Holly, and horse, Starlight.

Isabel Fun Fair Fiasco- Isabel is back in book two with another exciting adventure of faith! When Isabel visits Jason Twofeathers on the Native American Reservation, she is shocked by the poor living conditions. How she and Holly respond leads to a delightful journey as they cook up a Burger Bash for Cash to help out. 

   "It Nurtured my Daughter's Faith in Christ."

Callie Literature Bundle Includes:

              25% OFF Now $21.65

Callie’s Contest of Courage -Eleven-year-old Callie Fleming collects sharks teeth and rescued a baby seal-her bedroom looks more like a science museum! When her military father becomes silent to her emails she finds her whole world crashing down on her. What will a wild bear encounter and butterfly DNA mush teach her about trust? Join Callie and the Twins of Mischief on this exciting journey of faith!

Literature Study Guide for 
Callie’s Contest of Courage
This 74 page guide is filled with fun activities, vocabulary building skills, discussion questions and a literature awareness section. Make Nana’s banana cream pie, make a butterfly box, send care packages to troops overseas. Girls won’t be able to put it down! “These are positive, adventurous books for my kids with characters who possess a strong and growing faith.”

Lapbook-Colorful Digital Download -Learn about bears, life cycle of butterflies and squirrels. Write your family Bible verse and learn about George Washington.


Back to School Giveaway

I love adding creative activities  into the first several weeks of school. It helps us get back into the swing of things and keeps home education positive. I always include a hands-on fun snack that we make together and an outing to a fun location like the zoo or local park with friends.

To help you celebrate, we are giving away a Language Bundle filled with novels, writing books with paper dolls and a literature guide overflowing with fun activities.

I love

Build a Green House of Faith in your Homeschool

Build a Green House of Faith in Your Homeschool

Christ in their eyesIt was during the first few years of homeschooling when I met an extraordinary young lady. She was creative. She was mature. She was vivacious and responsible. And she was only 14!
As with most of us married with children, I didn’t go out often (something I would heartily change if I did it all over again!). But when I did, I wanted to leave my children in a wholesome and safe environment.  I had already experienced the downside of leaving my children with girls who came highly recommended from a nearby Christian school. Upon coming home I discovered one had been on the phone with her boyfriend the entire night and that the other had played Barbie dolls with my eight-year-old daughter. I’m not opposed to Barbie dolls but wasn’t happy to hear that Barbie and Ken needed to take a shower that night– together!
Thankfully this new found girl was different. She had light in her eyes, a glow on her face, a purity of heart and a desire to love God above all else. I had to know. I had to ask her mother, "How did you instilled this into her daughter’s life?" Her answer? “Three or four times a week we listen to on-fire, faith-filled  preaching videos with our entire homeschool family. We don’t wait for Sundays, we want to hear it all week long!” The living Word of God streaming  forth, coupled with this young woman’s faith, created a hot house for growing Christ-like character. I knew right then and there I wanted to emulate the same strength in my children. She reminded me once more that it wasn’t about math or language or  ACT scores. It was about Jesus.  It was about how my children would affect the world and their generation for the glory of God. And that has made all the difference!

Teaching Discipline of Quiet Time

Teaching Kids to Have
              a Quiet Time Brings Refreshing!

Teaching children to have a daily quiet time yields so many benefits! This summer build some solace into your day where everyone reaps rewards. (This can be great practice for your school in the fall!)Allow children to rest for an hour a day in their rooms or a special nook (regardless of age!) 

Using it for  Bible reading, reflection or quiet play teaches them to slow down and builds into them a habit our Savior had of retreating from the noise and crowds of the day. It's in this time we hear His voice of guidance, creativity or affirmation. 

It's a daily discipline that yields the same for busy moms. Restrain from doing the laundry or answering emails! Let the Lord whisper to your heart the answers you've been asking. It's not only good for your spirit but for your blood pressure too! 

A rested homeschool mom is a better homeschool mom. After all it's in Him we live and move and have our being. All success in this life flows from Him. Help your children learn how to cultivate it with quiet time! You'll be glad you did!

Look for some super deals in the Build Your Bundle Mom Bundle. They are so affordable and inspirational! Buy 2 Get 1 Free~

                              Sale Runs now through May 23

Free Download of Family Bible Bites


Character Counts!   
   Download our 
Character Building eBook Freebie!

wholesome booksFull of Fun Bible Activities for Kids  

For more fun activities check out the 
Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale

Going on Now -May 23

Lots of Bundles to choose from at 
great affordable prices! If you have wanted to check some things out-you can do it for less!

Check out 
our wholesome reads for girls
Ages 8-11 
"It nurtured my daughters faith!"-T. Masters

Callies Contest of Courage

Make Summer Count for Character

Making Your Summer Count for Character 

New Millennium GIrl Books for girls
Summertime is an open window to work on your children’s character when there is free time to be creative. I just heard a mom say, "Their dad said they may be great at reading, but they need to work on manners!” 2 Timothy tells us that the Word of God is good for teaching, correcting, reproof in righteousness."

Here are some fun things to help teach Christian character while enjoying the abundant good weather of summer:
New Millennium GIrl Books for girlsDraw the letters L-O-V-E in your garden with a stick and plant radish seeds in the letters.  When the plants come up, it will spell the word love. Talk about how God made loved us so much that He gave His son. When the radishes ripen, give some away to those you love.  Memorize John 3:16

Study bugs with a magnifying glass. Make a list of all the wonderful ways God makes provision for each one; like giving them large eyes to see all around them to keep them safe from hungry birds. Talk about how God makes provision to take care of us, too.

Freebie New Millennium Girl BooksPlant pumpkin seeds. When they sprout, have each child scratch their names on one; when they grow the names will grow, too. Talk about how He is the big vine and we are all the little pumpkins. We are all a part of His family.  Memorize John 15:5 Sing the song, “We are the Vine He is the branches” with hand motions. This is a fun one!

Make natural sugar free soda by adding equal parts of your favorite sugar free fruit juice to flavored seltzer water. This is a great way to cool off! Talk about how God has made natural sweet treats to enjoy because He loves us.  Pray about how you could share some with your neighbors. (Genesis 2:8)

For more ideas check out the Build Your eBook Bundle Sale with a special Character Curriculum Bundle Going on now-May 23 

These photos included affiliate links where I will earn a small commission-thank you if your order something or just look around!  

Relaxed Summer Learning

New Millennium Girl Books for girls

Relaxed Summer Learning 

Ask my kids and 
they’ll tell you we didn't  homeschool in the summer. But actually, they did! I snuck in my “we are going to be explorers all summer” speech. I gave them binoculars, a notebook, and a magnifying glass. I beefed it up with all kinds of explorer talk and even cook up a few fun snacks that they could take with them in their back packs.

Each day they pretended to visit another place-California, China or the moon! I encouraged them to build tents, count ants, and listen for birds and record their findings like real explorers. They can take pictures or draw pictures in notebooks.

New Millennium Girl Books for girlsOf course I had my younger children count the bugs and rocks they collect on their expeditions and the older ones get to use fractions in our cooking time. But as experts tell us, self discovery learning sticks with kids for a longer time so I encouraged them to find out for themselves why crickets sing and lightning bugs light up.

It won't take long for them to beg to go to the library to find out! We all feel more relaxed and happy without the push, push, push of the regular school year and I know my kids are satisfying their curiosity and learning at the same time. Exploring nature keeps them learning without them even knowing it!

Look for fun learning activities in the new exciting Build Your Own Bundle EBook Sale May 16-23. They are offering Crazy low prices and it’s a perfect time to test something out you’ve been wanting to try. Click Below and Share the good news! They even have buy 2 get 1 free.