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Chocolate Confetti Christmas Tree
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Squanto and Making Sense of Adversity
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Chocolate Confetti Christmas Tree

Chocolate -Confetti Christmas Tree
Fun to Make and Eat!

Kids love language enhancement activities when reading novels and Christmas makes it more fun! In the addendum of Isabel's Secret, is the directions for Christmas Card Placemats with a sensory Christmas Poem and a cool Chocolate Confetti Christmas Tree. 

Listen to an excerpt from the book: 

     "The next morning the girls jumped around throwing pillows at each other as Isabel's parents drove off to buy new horses at Red Mountain Ranch. Isabel turned on Christmas music and the girls danced around the room. "What should we do first?" asked Isabel. 
     "Make Chocolate Confetti," said Holly jumping onto the bed. 
      Thank God for Holly, thought Isabel.  She's my connection with the girl world. She grinned inwardly when she remembered how helpful Holly could be. She'd helped Isabel fix her hair for the spring play last year. Everyone told her how pretty she looked. Even if the recent secret weapon escapade didn't work, it wasn't Holly's fault. All Isabel knew was that Holly was the best friend a girl could have." 
Isabel's Secret, Chapter 4, page 43.

Full of fun and faith, Isabel's
 Secret is a terrific read for girls 8-12 years old and would make a perfect gift! On sale now with paper doll book.

Chocolate-Confetti Christmas Tree
 You will Need

24 oz bag of chocolate chips
Miniature candy canes
Red fruit roll ups
½ bar of white chocolate bark
Mini chocolate candies
Nuts of any kind
Square chocolate candies like Giardelli’s
Any kind of candies to decorate with:
Miniature peanut butter cups, mini-marshmallows,
Tin foil, wax paper, cookie sheet
Click the Photo For Free Downloadable Directions!

Christmas Advent

Christmas Advent Fun 

I love that it all started with God. It was His idea to celebrate the birth of his son. He set a bright star in the sky like birthday candles and sent gifts through three kings. The heavenly hosts sang songs to lonely shepherds and a tired mother and father found room in an inn.

Let’s keep our hearts yearning for what’s important this holiday season. Take the Nativity out first, let it be the first thing you decorate with. Take it out piece by piece one each day and read the correlating Bible verses and reflect on its meaning.

The first craft I want to post is how to up-cycle Christmas cards into beautiful ornaments.  So many tell the Nativity story in a beautifully illustrated way. We use gold trim, glitter glue, red and green ribbons.

Each year we save the prettiest cards to make into ornaments for the next year. It’s also fun to do it with friends and trade cards- have a Trading Christmas Cards Party! Its also a great idea to glue a magnet on the back and let little hands tell the story by putting each magnet on the refrigerator in sequence. Here is one of my favorites we have made over the years.


For Full FREE download of instructions Click on the Picture.
More Advent Activities for Kids 

Thriving Family has a terrific FREE Advent resource for families! It has games and puzzles for kids for each day along with a poster and some great verses to read. Build lasting strength in your family by learning the Bible and celebrating these things together.

Holiday Cash Giveaway

Ohhhh Just in time for Holiday Shopping!!

  $175 Paypal Card

We are joining forces with some other great bloggers to offer this to you! 

The $175 Pay Pal cash will be delivered to the winner a few days before Christmas–just in time for some last minute shopping!
Good luck!
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All other tasks are optional to increase your chances of winning.

Note: giveaway is open only to those with a Pay Pal account in The United States (Continental, Hawaii, and Alaska) AND Canada. Ages 18+. Winner is responsible for any fees–meaning the prize is $175, and Pay Pal will deduct their fees from that.

Squanto and Making Sense of Adversity

                Squanto and Making Sense of Adversity

Black Friday Deals New Millennium Girl BooksI love the story of Squanto. It helps us to make sense of adversity. How can God worked EVERYTHING together for good in our lives, especially the struggles that make no sense? I think it all boils down to one thing: Our world view- do we struggled to fit God into our plans or do we fit into His?

God has a plan for all of humanity: The rise and fall of nations. The birth of babies who will become world changers. The preaching of the good news to all men.
Squanto’s story poignantly reveals this. When English traders landed in what was to become Plymouth, Massachusetts a decade before the pilgrims arrived, Wampanoag Indians came out to trade.  The traders sadly took them prisoner to Spain, and sold them into slavery.

Even in the midst of this tragic circumstance God kept a young Indian boy named Squanto safe and appointed a kind Spanish monk to buy him. He was treated well and taught the Christian faith.

Black Friday Deals New Millennium Girl BooksIn 1618 he happily sailed back to America. But when he arrived there, an epidemic had wiped out Squanto’s entire village. It was as if God’s hand plucked him out and spared him! God had a plan for Squanto’s life that was bigger than himself. He would be an important part in birthing a new nation. One that God could use for good in the entire earth! (Yes, I still believe we are a great nation in the midst of everything!)

A year later the pilgrims arrived in America and Squanto greeted them in English!
According to the diary of Governor William Bradford, Squanto became a special instrument sent from God of good. He showed them how to plant  corn and practically how to survive in the new land. He stayed with the pilgrims for his entire life.

So, in honor of the redeeming love of God in Squanto’s life and the first Thanksgiving so many years ago, I am posting Chocolate Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats. What a fun way to teach your children about God’s faithfulness in building our nation!

Chocolate Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats

Black Friday Deals New Millennium Girl Books
Four Easy Ingredients

1 12 oz bag of chocolate chips
1 package chocolate striped cookies
1 bag of marshmallows
1 tube of yellow decorator’s frosting

This is great for kids of all ages-preschoolers to middle graders!


Black Friday Deals New Millennium Girl Books 
For FREE Full Directions with Photos Click the image on the left.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

Black Friday Deals New Millennium Girl BooksMake sure to check out our Black Friday Specials-Wholesome mid-grade novels for girls who love to read!

Thanksgiving Candy-Corn Turkey Cupcakes

  Well we're almost there! 
 The feast of Thanksgiving! 

I'm thankful for God's Provision in a new land so many years ago, thankful for perseverance of a people yearning for freedom and truly thankful for all God has done for me in my present life.

Too often we forget about the small things in life like sunshine, clean water, hot showers (one of my favs!) Perspective is EVERYTHING! When we have to go without some of these things for a time, we realize, that the world is spinning around and God is watching over it all and not worried about a thing! He makes things happen when they should. Even the smallest details of our lives. If He can see when a sparrow falls, how much more can He see us?

Today I'm celebrating in the way I love so much... COOKING With KIDS!! Below is a fun Thanksgiving Treat to eat or take as desserts. Kids love making them and eating them! Grown-ups too!

Candy-Corn Turkey Cupcakes

Holiday Treat for Kids
These are so easy to make! Start by frosting a batch of cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Poke 6 candy corns in the back for feathers. Poke 3-4 more in front of them. This part is PERFECT for preschoolers!

Place a candy pumpkin near the front for a head and frost with chocolate frosting. It might work easier to frost them first, then stick it on.

Cut one candy corn in half and stick on as beak. Use more frosting to help stick if you need to.

Attach candy flat rounds for eyes. (The kind you find with the sprinkles)  I attached a white one first then green on top. Couldn't find brown ones but red, green and white were in abundance!

I always think its nice to share with neighbors, shut-ins and those who cant bless us back. In doing so we minister to the Lord. Why not make up a batch of Turkey Gobbler Cupcakes to share?

Thanksgiving Chocolate-Peanut Butter Teepees

Thanksgiving Chocolaty-Peanut Butter Pretzel Tee-pees

Holiday Treat for Kids New Millennium Girl Books
I LOVE making Thanksgiving treats with kids and this was one of our favorites! It's so festive and fun and great to take as a dessert to all the holiday parties. 

It's also one of the treats the character Isabel makes for her grandmother in one of my books, Isabel's Secret!

She is eleven year-old and doesn't cook well like her BFF Holly. But one thing Isabel does do, is love to ride her horse Starlight and solve mysteries! She has a BIG heart towards God is a terrific example of faith for every girl. Stop by our Bookstore and check it out!

          You will Need
Holiday Treat for Kids New Millennium Girl Books

  • Smooth Peanut butter 
  • 16 oz bag chocolate chips 
  • Candy corn and pumpkins
  •  Pretzel sticks-small bag 
  • 12 pointy ice-cream cones T
  • toothpicks 

               Click Ingredients Photo 
    for Full Download of Instructions

Holiday Treat for Kids New Millennium Girl Books

Holiday Crafts for Kids

Holiday Craft Time is Here! Its my favorite time of the year!

Every Kid loves cut and paste projects and this one keeps little hands busy for a long time! I started making Thanksgiving Placemats when I had to stay indoors for several weeks. It was a terrific way to keep busy and with cold weather setting in, it will keep the kids busy too!

This is a great way to remember what to be thankful for and a great way to bless grandma and grandpa too!

New Millennium Girl Books
Gather Your Materials-Many of them are optional-I grab what I have available   

1-Large 11x 18 construction paper in fall colors  
Cut out pictures from magazines of fall leaves, pumpkins, etc   
Cut out pictures from magazines of favorite things of the person you are making the placemat for  
Decorated fall scrapbook papers to write special Thanksgiving Greeting  
Large fun fall and other stickers or wall art in flowers, animals, dinosaurs and fall shapes  
Photo of the person who gets to keep the placemat in the middle.  
Thanksgiving greeting cards or paper plates of turkeys-come in packs-optional


I will post a new Holiday Craft Each Week So pass on the good word and subscribe!

Next time Thanksgiving Teepees!

Cultivate Time to Hear Him

Teaching children to have a daily quiet time yields so many benefits! This year build some solace into your homeschool day where everyone reaps rewards. Allow children to rest for an hour a day in their rooms or a special nook (regardless of age!) Using it for  Bible reading, reflection or quiet play teaches them to slow down and builds into them a habit our Savior had of retreating from the noise and crowds of the day. It's in this time we hear His voice of guidance, creativity or affirmation. 

It's a daily discipline that yields the same for busy moms. Restrain from doing the laundry or answering emails! Let the Lord whisper to your heart the answers you've been asking. It's not only good for your spirit but for your blood pressure too! A rested homeschool mom is a better homeschool mom. After all it's in Him we live and move and have our being. All success in this life flows from Him. Help your children learn how to cultivate it with quiet time! You'll be glad you did!

Homeschooling for Jesus

It was during the first few years of homeschooling when I met an extraordinary young lady. She was creative. She was mature. She was vivacious and responsible. And she was only 14!
As with most of us married with children, I didn’t go out often (something I would heartily change if I did it all over again!). But when I did, I wanted to leave my children in a wholesome and safe environment.  I had already experienced the downside of leaving my children with girls who came highly recommended from a nearby Christian school. Upon coming home I discovered one had been on the phone with her boyfriend the entire night and that the other had played Barbie dolls with my eight-year-old daughter. I’m not opposed to Barbie dolls but wasn’t happy to hear that Barbie and Ken needed to take a shower that night– together!
Thankfully this new found girl was different. She had light in her eyes, a glow on her face, a purity of heart and a desire to love God above all else. I had to know. I had to ask her mother, "How did you instilled this into her daughter’s life?" Her answer? “Three or four times a week we listen to on-fire, faith-filled  preaching videos with our entire homeschool family. We don’t wait for Sundays, we want to hear it all week long!” The living Word of God streaming  forth, coupled with this young woman’s faith, created a hot house for growing Christ-like character. I knew right then and there I wanted to emulate the same strength in my children. She reminded me once more that it wasn’t about math or language or  ACT scores. It was about Jesus.  It was about how my children would affect the world and their generation for the glory of God. And that has made all the difference!

Hook Kids on Writing!

Summer is a great time for instilling a fun journaling activity with your children. Buy or have them decorate a notebook with stickers or magazine pictures. Then, have them journal in it as a fictitious character. Perhaps a summertime pirate adventure, camping or mystery story!Have them draw a map where the buried treasure is hidden. Let their imaginations run wild and praise everything they write, regardless of grammar and spelling. Pretty soon you'll find your children  HOOKED ON WRITING!