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Homeschooling for Jesus

Homeschooling for Jesus

It was during the first few years of homeschooling when I met an extraordinary young lady. She was creative. She was mature. She was vivacious and responsible. And she was only 14!
As with most of us married with children, I didn’t go out often (something I would heartily change if I did it all over again!). But when I did, I wanted to leave my children in a wholesome and safe environment.  I had already experienced the downside of leaving my children with girls who came highly recommended from a nearby Christian school. Upon coming home I discovered one had been on the phone with her boyfriend the entire night and that the other had played Barbie dolls with my eight-year-old daughter. I’m not opposed to Barbie dolls but wasn’t happy to hear that Barbie and Ken needed to take a shower that night– together!
Thankfully this new found girl was different. She had light in her eyes, a glow on her face, a purity of heart and a desire to love God above all else. I had to know. I had to ask her mother, "How did you instilled this into her daughter’s life?" Her answer? “Three or four times a week we listen to on-fire, faith-filled  preaching videos with our entire homeschool family. We don’t wait for Sundays, we want to hear it all week long!” The living Word of God streaming  forth, coupled with this young woman’s faith, created a hot house for growing Christ-like character. I knew right then and there I wanted to emulate the same strength in my children. She reminded me once more that it wasn’t about math or language or  ACT scores. It was about Jesus.  It was about how my children would affect the world and their generation for the glory of God. And that has made all the difference!

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Colleges Canberra on Monday, March 24, 2014 2:39 AM
Yes this is true and plays a very important role in every child's growth,all parents should teach the importance of spirituality in life to make child stronger from inside.
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Starla J on Monday, April 28, 2014 1:49 PM
Love this idea. I will have to start doing this. Thank you.
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woodlawnchurch on Monday, October 27, 2014 4:24 PM
Faith can change our life. Religious mind never fails. It is proved also.
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