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#HmSch Review Pirates or Privateers-You Decide!

byb sale New Millennium Girl Books

Pirates or Privateers – you Decide!
 by Sharon Gibson 

Who doesn't love Pirates?This is an intriguing 24 page once a week unit study that can involve the whole family. It will immerse them in the history of pirates for 1st -8th grade.  It even includes coloring pages for little ones!

I can see kids dressed in eye patches listening intently during a family  read aloud of Treasure Island. There are other great suggestions too for movies, books and resources. It also uses history and geography with lots of biographical material like-Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Frances Drake. 

Of course you have to play some games of the times like checkers and watch Pirates of the Caribbean! Lots of history teaches children what real pirates are from the fictitious pirates. And I love the true or false section like, "Did pirates really have wooden legs?"

Of course being a writing teacher, I also loved the section on creative writing prompts for your own pirate story! I thought this was wonderful! There are some fun suggestions like dressing up like a pirate and reading a biography and writing a report on your favorite pirate. 

This book is not all fun and games though, you will learn a ton about the world history of piracy and privateering. It all starts in 3000 BC in the Cradle of Civilization with the sea people and brings you right up-to-date on current piracy. 

This is a great resource!
 I can highly recommend it!  Sharon writes more micro studies such as Early Settlers in America, Native America, Revolutionary War, and Westward Ho. 

Good News-This Pirate Micro Unit Study is on Sale Now at a Huge Discount in the Build your Own Digital Bundle SALE in the Brother and Sister Bundle for over 50% OFF! The sale gives you options of choosing from TONS of ebooks and building your own bundle. They have bundles for Preschool, Elementary Bundles, Character Building Bundles, even bundles for Moms! It's a must see!

#HmSch Review Aesop's Fable Reading and Comprehension

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool Writing
#HmSch Review

Reading and Comprehension with Aesop's Fables 
by Bonnie Rose Hudson

10 Fables for First Grade

From the tortoise and the hare to the Lion and the Mouse, Aesop's fables teach children good life lessons.
Bonnie did a terrific job on capturing this!
New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool Writing
 Each fable has its own coloring page and coloring copy work page adorn with a moral from the each story in large print surrounded by a fun frame so the student can display their work when completed. 

There are sight word puzzles, story vocabulary practice, and comprehension questions. What a power packed wonderful book for first graders!

Wonderfully fun pictures illustrates each fable. Cute little mice and kittens scamper across the pages! I felt so excited about it I wanted to do it myself!

This is a fun book and v
ery well laid out. The font is easy to read and understand. Kids will love this book! It's filled with first grade literary work, language and vocabulary skills.

It's a meaty 108 page Language Arts books for first graders.  Moms will love it because it's easy to read and teach. 

This resource is digital and on SALE NOW for pennies with the 
BYB Bundle Homeschool Curriculum Digital Sale!
Find it in the Early Learning Bundle-they even have Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!

How to Tackle "I'm Bored this Summer"

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool Writing
New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingSummer Boredom Busters

It's been a long school year and time for a much needed break, mom included. Your creative juices may have been spent but a summer free-for-all might bring the house down. How can you give some direction without planning out another 3 months?

Tackle, "I'm Bored!"

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingAt the beginning of summer we always hosted a celebration. We made fun treats together like teddy bear jello cups and plotted out our summer. Each child received a piece of paper and stickers to write down ideas of things they wanted to do by themselves and as a group. We brainstormed as a family too and posted the lists on the refrigerator. This was great for littles as well who drew out their lists. The list might include: Build a fort with a sibling, read about pirates and do a pirate craft, or make new decorations for their bedroom.

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingAs a homeschooling parent, I made sure there were plenty of items on their "Do by Myself" list so I could take some much needed time off. I might participate in some small way, but I would not create or direct it. (I had my own list of things I wanted to do!)

After 3-4 weeks when it looked like they needed some direction, we would do a fun nature science project. (Which took pressure off of our schedule during the school year!)

Here are my favorite ones:

Collect butterflies and bugs in a container. Feed them with plants and sugar water. Identify them in a relaxed manner.

Collect frogs and toads, build a habit box for each. Feed them for the summer with bugs and raw hamburger dangled from a string! (Make sure you wash your hands after handling raw meat!)

For the artsy child, keep a flower journal and draw the ones you find at the park, lake, zoo, neighborhood. Paint a picture of them at home using a fun medium like bubble or marble painting.

Draw a summer chalk mural on the back patio with flowers, butterflies, bumble bees and fish!

For the kids who love animals, visit the zoo, farm, or nature center. Find new ones they haven't discovered yet. Let them take photos and create a photo essay, relaxed notebooking or video about them.

Encourage them to "Listen to Summer". Record or imitate the sounds they here in nature. Birds, locusts, frogs, bumble bees. Check out bird songs from the library.

Kids love taking photos so give them a reason to do it! Host a weekly Summer Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt with other families. Print out the photos and instruct the kids to record what they are learning by just observing and being in nature. If you have a budding artist, they may also enjoy sketching their finds in a notebook. Don't make it too education heavy or they may balk.

Signing up for a camp is a great way to keep learning relaxed during the summer and keep kids from being bored. Many community colleges and libraries host summer workshops for kids such as acting, science, creative writing and nature fun.

    For more fun ideas check out the 
 Homeschool Super Curriculum Bundle Sale Going on Now!  It's a great way to try something without paying a lot of money. 

They have cool bundles for everyone! Brother and Sister Bundles, Elementary Bundles and even a Mystery Bundle!

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool Writing

#HsReview Parenting is Heart Work

Parenting is Heart  Work #Review
Training Manual and Audio Sessions

By Dr. Scott Turansky
and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN

This is a WONDERFUL book designed for one parent, a couple, group of friends, or church group to work through together. This isn't a "Let's just get through it," manual but a chew on it, apply it step by step and see great results book! All 214 pages are full of godly advice and practical tips to incorporate in your parenting. Boy, does it deliver! 

This book comes with eight chapters and with each chapter comes a 45 minute audio session: Some topics covered are: Reach Deep into a Child's Heart, Attitude: A Window into a Child's Heart and How to Start Connecting with the Heart. 

It also comes with practical tips such as a Tool Box of Consequences and a Five Step Routine for Giving Instructions like: 

BYB 2017 New Millennium Girl BooksGet close to your child and no more yelling through the house because physical closeness will raise the felt value of instruction. Great tip!

This book is equips you for parenting all types of children: ADD, ADHD, ODD etc. even with children who are emotionally explosive or defiant. Because of its balance of clarity affirmation for missing teamwork this will really work with kids from 2 to 18 years old.

This book is brimming with inspirational definitions such as: "Cooperation is giving up your agenda for the needs of others." Such practical advice to help kids understand the heart of the matter! And it gives you a worksheet for each child's name to circle the level of cooperation to help them work through it. 

In chapter 2 it talks about taking a tour of your child's heart where emotions, values, convictions, thoughts, fantasies, and desires live. Wow! I love this!  The Heart is the central processing unit in every person. "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks," Matthew 12:34. By helping a child change their hearts then you'll see lasting change in their life.

This certainly follows the scripture, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." It's a line upon line wonderful training manual full of Biblical wisdom! This works perfectly in a homeschool environment and perfect for every type of godly parenting! 

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingI also like where they talk about how children are different processors – internal or external and their is great practical advice like helping your child enlarge their tolerance meter in order to avoid anger. 

This book definitely equips a parent for the long haul. It's like a mini course on how to be a better parent brimming full of practical advice and scripture references. It makes a perfect gift for a new parent! And a wonderful resource for those who have a passion to train their children to be godly in this world.

I highly recommend it!

It is regularly $49.95 but you can purchase it in with a HUGE discount in an ebook bundle right now along with other great homeschool books in the

Build Your Bundle Character Digital Sale
Going on Right Now!

#HmSch Review- It's the Heart not the Hemline

New Millennium Girl Books, BYB Sale 2017

#HmSch Review
It's the Heart Not the Hemline - A Biblical Unit Study on Modesty

By Richele McFarlin and Lindsey Stomberg 

128 pages - Ages 10-18 

This is an inspirational 5 week study and journal on modesty of heart, appearance, speech and behavior. 

Each day for five weeks there is a short lesson unveiling the simplicity and heart behind the aspects of modesty.

Each day has scripture memory activity such as copy work, quiz and printable activities. There are also questions for reflection and an activity in the lesson like making a collage or writing a thank you note to express gratitude to someone.

It's so much more than a don't wear this or that book!
You can even make your own Proverbs 31 memory verse match cards! I'm one for hands-on learning and this book is full of fun activities like: First Impression Charades and Girl's Spa Night recipes like: Brown Sugar and Honey Orange Body Scrubs. 

Week two talks about the humility that enables us to be free from pride and arrogance. Therefore there is no need to exert yourself or pretend you're something you're not. This little book digs deep into the heart of the matter! 

A printable prayer log is in the back giving spaces for memory verses, "Things I am Thankful For", prayers for others and prayers for myself.

I loved the 
colored printable  wall art with Bible verses to help remember. This is nice!

There are also "Thoughts from a 17-year-old" with a useful perspective as well as thoughts from mom and dad.

I like that the copy work pages had both cursive and printing for different age groups.

This book is loaded with the word of God and a true perspective of beauty.  It would be great to go through it with your daughter or a group of girls. I highly recommend it!

Right now this book is on Sale in the Digital Bundle Sale for an Incredible Value! You Can Find it in the Brother and Sister Bundle. There is even a buy 2 Get 1 Free and a Book of Bonuses for Each Purchase. Well worth Checking Out!

Relaxed Summer Learning - Writing Adventure!


Take a Break with Purpose!

I don't know about you but when summer comes I am ready for a break. BUT you may not want your kids sitting in front of electronics all the time or forget what they've learned throughout the school year.

Try a summer writing adventure that uses hands on activities like role playing being a spy during the Revolutionary War or pretending to be a soldier then writing about the adventure in a relaxed manner. Take the kids to a reenactment for a visual to stimulate ideas for stories!

Or an ocean adventure by becoming ocean animals and creating an under-the-sea community like the movie Finding Nemo. Write about the Shark Brigade that saves Shell City from the Electric Eels or perhaps the crab cup-cake baker who wants to win the Barnacle Bake-off.

The Old Schoolhouse says, "I used this book with my nine-year-old daughter, Mercie. She has always loved to write stories, but her stories lack organization and structure. She eagerly began with “Ocean Adventures”, and as the cover says, she really dove in! I look forward to using more of these books!"

Look through our Bookstore for Specials and more exciting writing adventures.

Don't forget to Check out the BYB digital sale loaded with digital products to keep your kids busy with hands on fun all summer. TONS of savings and a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Recyle for the Summer

      Summer Fun!

Teaching kids recycling responsibility doesn't have to be hard. Try a making a fun hands on craft to get their creativity flowing to Up-cycle.

I don't know about you but busy moms and teachers sometimes use drive up conveniences! I find myself at Starbucks or McDonald's way too much. But I decided to save those straws and do a project with my friend's children!

Gather Materials:

Shoe box lid
Scrap Booking Paper
1 Marble

Measure and cut the paper to fit inside the shoe box lid. Glue it down.

Cut the straws into 2-3 inch pieces.

Glue two straw pieces in the middle on the top like photo. This will be the start place for the marble.

Make pathways for the marble to travel by placing more straws as a puzzle. Make some of them a dead end.

Drop the marble in the top and rotate the lid trying to get the marble to the goal at the bottom.

This teaches kids to be creative thinkers about turning recyable waste into something usable.

For more Hands on Fun for Kids
Look for the 
#BYB Digital Homeschool Book Sale Coming Soon AND Enter the GIVEAWAY NOW for Great digital Products for Pennies!
Even 9 of Cathy Duffy's Top Picks!

GIVEAWAY!! Boys Writing Books!

Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books

Creative Writing Made Easy | by Meredith Henning

Do you have a busy adventurer in your house?
Is it hard to get him (or her) to sit still for writing lessons?
Here’s a fun new bundle that will surely entice your most busy and wiggly learner to enjoy the writing process.
The New Adventurer’s Writing Bundle from Jan May the creator of Creative Writing Made Easy series books.

Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksDo you love to go to the zoo?
We love to visit the Zoo and just recently paid a visit to the zoo in our new city, Phoenix, AZ. What a great tie-in to this delightful new writing program.

The Zany Zoo Adventures writing guide is packed with information about how to create a whole Zoo City, it has been quite an adventure so far.
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksRight from the beginning, the author walks the student through each step of the writing process in a fun-filled, simple formula.
Having taught creative writing for the past 15 years, the author claims that even the most reluctant writer can succeed given the right tools for a creative writing adventure.
Creativity is stressed over the drudgery of grammar, and giving praise all throughout the writing process will propel your student into the writing pool with enthusiasm, and not to mention fun!
There are twelve easy lessons with a handout or worksheet to accompany each lesson. The lessons build upon each other for a great final result.

From the Table of Contents:
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books
  • Lesson One-Create a Character
  • My Zoo Animal Report
  • Lesson Two-Create a Setting
  • Lesson Three-Create a Plot
  • Lesson Four-The Golden Rule: Show Don’t Tell
  • Lesson Five-Write the Beginning
  • Lesson Six-Dialogue
  • Lesson Seven-Write the Middle
  • Lesson Eight-Stage Directions
  • Lesson Nine-Write the End
  • Lesson Ten-Spice Up Your Story
  • Lesson Eleven-Edit Your Story
  • Lesson Twelve-Put It all Together
Zany Zoo Adventures leads the young writer through a fun series of exercises to gently learn the writing process with this very familiar topic of zoo animals.

The first step of course is to choose your zoo character.
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksGabriel picked the Orange Lion Tamarin (Monkey) as there was one at the Phoenix Zoo and he was so excited to learn more about him.

Filling out the Zoo Animal Report in Lesson One is a perfect entre into writing about their character/animal.

The remaining lessons work carefully through each step of the writing process. We are currently working through Lesson six and creating the Dialogue of the story.
We can’t wait to work through the rest of the steps to find out what will happen with Gabriel’s Orange Lion Tamarin.
Stay tuned…

Benefits of the Creative Writing Made Easy Program
Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books
  • Easy to Use
  • Written for the Teacher/Homeschool Mom
  • Simple explanations for how to conduct lessons
  • Each lesson builds on the previous lesson for continuity and comprehension of the writing process

As the parent/teacher, I appreciate all the great teacher notes included in each of the Adventurer series.
The teacher’s attitude is a crucial element in the beginning writing process and so suggestions are given to be super encouraging all along the way — but also to “stay out of the way” of your writer so the creative process can take off for them.
Excellent suggestions for new or seasoned homeschool teachers!

Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksWe are looking forward to working through both the Spies of the Revolutionary War and Ocean Adventures in Writing down the road to solidify all the great writing tools that we are learning with the Zany Zoo Adventures program.
Please be sure to follow New Millennium Books on these social media sites:

Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksAuthor Jan May is giving away her Creative Writing Made Easy Series to one (1) Curriculum Choice reader!
Fun hands-on language activities. This series is focused on the reluctant writers and great for boys. Three new books include: Spies of the Revolutionary War, Ocean Adventures in Writing and Zany Zoo Adventures in Writing. Play balloon bomb, Word Frisbee, Match Game. Do a an easy marble or dot painting of your character, make a secret code and battle drum. Be a spy and write about it!
This contest is open to residents of the continental USA for the physical copies of the books. Digital ebooks are available to an international winner.
What new adventures in writing await you and your young writers?


Thursday March 30 - April 4

Creative  Writing Made Easy
Writing Curriculum for Boys

Parents are Saying:

"It's difficult to find a writing curriculum that will capture a boy's imagination and motivate him to write. This curriculum did just that. My son loved this curriculum! It was interesting, engaging, and easy to follow--a must for a busy home schooling mom. I only wish there were more options like this for boys. Of course, it was a big hit with my daughter too. I highly recommend it." Effie Hill, Author and Home Educator

Even the Reluctant Writer will Dive into the Writing Pool!

Stop by for a Chance to Win a Bundle!
The Curriculum Choice

Great Books Adding Fun and Creativity to your Homeschool

Share it with Your Friends!

NEW Writing Curriculum Just for Boys!

BYB 2017
Just for Boys!

Try Something New Next Year! A writing book that BOYS will actually WANT to use!

Boys will love this curriculum created for writing about battles! 
It contains 12 easy self-guided lessons covering the basics of creative writing: character, setting, dialogue and plot development. 

Each lesson has a handout to practice the new concept, writing story time and either a battle craft or activity. 

Activities include: Putting together a back yard obstacle course, making a clay diorama of the battlefield, host a Nerf gun war, draw maps and illustrate the story. 

Literary tools to enhance writing are incorporated like: Onomatopoeia, show don’t tell, similes and comic relief.  This course can be used in approximately one 60 minute lesson or two 30 minute lessons per week.

Ages 8-12

On Sale NOW in the Build Your Bundle Digital eBook Sale for HUGE Discount in the 
Brother /Sister Bundle! You can even choose from over 200 books and build your own bundle.
Its worth checking out!