Making Character Count
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Homeschooling for Jesus

Making Character Count

New Millennium Girl Books
25-June 1
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Make Your Summer Count for Character 
Homeschool writing books New Millennium Girl Books
Summertime is an open window to work on your children’s character when there is free time to be creative. I just heard a mom say, "Their dad said they may be great at reading, but they need to work on manners!” 2 Timothy tells us that the Word of God is good for teaching, correcting, reproof in righteousness."

Homeschool writing books New Millennium Girl Books
 Here are some fun things to help teach Christian character while enjoying the abundant good weather of summer:
Draw the letters L-O-V-E in your garden with a stick and plant radish seeds in the letters.  When the plants come up, it will spell the word love. Talk about how God made loved us so much that He gave His son. When the radishes ripen, give some away to those you love.  Memorize John 3:16

Homeschool writing books New Millennium Girl Books
Study bugs with a magnifying glass. Make a list of all the wonderful ways God makes provision for each one; like giving them large eyes to see all around them to keep them safe from hungry birds. Talk about how God makes provision to take care of us, too.

Plant pumpkin seeds. When they sprout, have each child scratch their names on one; when they grow the names will grow, too. Talk about how He is the big vine and we are all the little pumpkins. We are all a part of His family.  Memorize John 15:5 Sing the song, “We are the Vine He is the branches” with hand motions. This is a fun one!

Make natural sugar free soda by adding equal parts of your favorite sugar free fruit juice to flavored seltzer water. This is a great way to cool off! Talk about how God has made natural sweet treats to enjoy because He loves us.  Pray about how you could share some with your neighbors. (Genesis 2:8)

Look for the upcoming Build Your Bundle Sale with a special Character Curriculum Bundle May 25-June 1 Click below and enjoy a COUPON for great savings!

Homeschool writing books New Millennium Girl Books
These photos included affiliate links where I will earn a small commission-thank you if your order something or just look around!  

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