How to Tackle "I'm Bored this Summer"
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How to Tackle "I'm Bored this Summer"

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool Writing
New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingSummer Boredom Busters

It's been a long school year and time for a much needed break, mom included. Your creative juices may have been spent but a summer free-for-all might bring the house down. How can you give some direction without planning out another 3 months?

Tackle, "I'm Bored!"

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingAt the beginning of summer we always hosted a celebration. We made fun treats together like teddy bear jello cups and plotted out our summer. Each child received a piece of paper and stickers to write down ideas of things they wanted to do by themselves and as a group. We brainstormed as a family too and posted the lists on the refrigerator. This was great for littles as well who drew out their lists. The list might include: Build a fort with a sibling, read about pirates and do a pirate craft, or make new decorations for their bedroom.

New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool WritingAs a homeschooling parent, I made sure there were plenty of items on their "Do by Myself" list so I could take some much needed time off. I might participate in some small way, but I would not create or direct it. (I had my own list of things I wanted to do!)

After 3-4 weeks when it looked like they needed some direction, we would do a fun nature science project. (Which took pressure off of our schedule during the school year!)

Here are my favorite ones:

Collect butterflies and bugs in a container. Feed them with plants and sugar water. Identify them in a relaxed manner.

Collect frogs and toads, build a habit box for each. Feed them for the summer with bugs and raw hamburger dangled from a string! (Make sure you wash your hands after handling raw meat!)

For the artsy child, keep a flower journal and draw the ones you find at the park, lake, zoo, neighborhood. Paint a picture of them at home using a fun medium like bubble or marble painting.

Draw a summer chalk mural on the back patio with flowers, butterflies, bumble bees and fish!

For the kids who love animals, visit the zoo, farm, or nature center. Find new ones they haven't discovered yet. Let them take photos and create a photo essay, relaxed notebooking or video about them.

Encourage them to "Listen to Summer". Record or imitate the sounds they here in nature. Birds, locusts, frogs, bumble bees. Check out bird songs from the library.

Kids love taking photos so give them a reason to do it! Host a weekly Summer Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt with other families. Print out the photos and instruct the kids to record what they are learning by just observing and being in nature. If you have a budding artist, they may also enjoy sketching their finds in a notebook. Don't make it too education heavy or they may balk.

Signing up for a camp is a great way to keep learning relaxed during the summer and keep kids from being bored. Many community colleges and libraries host summer workshops for kids such as acting, science, creative writing and nature fun.

    For more fun ideas check out the 
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New Millennium Girl Books Homeschool Writing