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#HmSch Curriculum Review

BYB Sale 2017 New Millennium Girl Books       
 #HmSch Review

Ancient History 
                  Mini Quiz Set 
By Bonnie Rose Hudson
Ages 11 and up

BYB Sale 2017 New Millennium Girl Books
Five different thematic packs, each pack contains 7 quizzes and puzzles testing your student’s knowledge of the history of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, China. Learn about famous dynasties, geography, daily and family life. Each pack is 17-20 pages long.

These quiz packs are a fun, versatile resource perfect for unit studies, review or launching an independent study on ancient peoples.  

Each of the quiz packs come with a variety of puzzles and games, word searches, crossword puzzle's, decoding, matching, and true or false.

It's also a great way to give students practice by looking up that the answers and recording them. I thought it would be a great alternative to spice things up in history! Also they works great with multi-grade level children ages 11 and up so everyone can have fun together. I liked this perk!

Looking at this resource reminded me of the day when I taught a Rome Club Homeschool Co-op with my daughter's friends and we studied facts in a fun way at learning stations. This would be a terrific resource for this kind of thing!

Right Now this Resource is on Sale 
as Part of the Build Your Digital Bundle Sale going on through this weekend. Over 240 eBooks to choose from:charcter books, elementary books, Mystery of History and many other Cathy Duffy tops picks. It's such a huge savings, its worth checking it out!