Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes
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Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

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Thanksgiving Candy-Corn Turkey Cupcakes

Well we're almost there!  
The feast of Thanksgiving! 

I'm thankful for God's Provision in a new land so many years ago, thankful for perseverance of a people yearning for freedom and truly thankful for all God has done for me in my present life.

Too often we forget about the small things in life like sunshine, clean water, hot showers (one of my favs!) Perspective is EVERYTHING! When we have to go without some of these things for a time, we realize, that the world is spinning around and God is watching over it all and not worried about a thing! He makes things happen when they should. Even the smallest details of our lives. If He can see when a sparrow falls, how much more can He see us?

Today I'm celebrating in the way I love so much... COOKING With KIDS!! Below is a fun Thanksgiving Treat to eat or take as desserts. Kids love making them and eating them! Grown-ups too!

Turkey Cupcakes 

These are so easy to make! Start by frosting a batch of cupcakes with chocolate frosting.
Poke 6 candy corns in the back for feathers. Poke 3-4 more in front of them. This part is PERFECT for preschoolers!
Place a candy pumpkin near the front for a head and frost with chocolate frosting. It might work easier to frost them first, then stick it on.

Cut one candy corn in half and stick on as beak. Use more frosting to help stick if you need to.

Attach candy flat rounds for eyes. (The kind you find with the sprinkles)  I attached a white one first then green on top. Couldn't find brown ones but red, green and white were in abundance!

I always think its nice to share with neighbors, shut-ins and those who cant bless us back. In doing so we minister to the Lord. Why not make up a batch of Turkey Gobbler Cupcakes to share?

Look for our hands-on writing books that transform writing time to a delight! 

Perfect for Christmas gift for the girl who loves to Read and Write!