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Curriculum Giveaway and Review

GIVEAWAY!! Boys Writing Books!

Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books

Creative Writing Made Easy | by Meredith Henning

Do you have a busy adventurer in your house?
Is it hard to get him (or her) to sit still for writing lessons?
Here’s a fun new bundle that will surely entice your most busy and wiggly learner to enjoy the writing process.
The New Adventurer’s Writing Bundle from Jan May the creator of Creative Writing Made Easy series books.

Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksDo you love to go to the zoo?
We love to visit the Zoo and just recently paid a visit to the zoo in our new city, Phoenix, AZ. What a great tie-in to this delightful new writing program.

The Zany Zoo Adventures writing guide is packed with information about how to create a whole Zoo City, it has been quite an adventure so far.
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksRight from the beginning, the author walks the student through each step of the writing process in a fun-filled, simple formula.
Having taught creative writing for the past 15 years, the author claims that even the most reluctant writer can succeed given the right tools for a creative writing adventure.
Creativity is stressed over the drudgery of grammar, and giving praise all throughout the writing process will propel your student into the writing pool with enthusiasm, and not to mention fun!
There are twelve easy lessons with a handout or worksheet to accompany each lesson. The lessons build upon each other for a great final result.

From the Table of Contents:
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books
  • Lesson One-Create a Character
  • My Zoo Animal Report
  • Lesson Two-Create a Setting
  • Lesson Three-Create a Plot
  • Lesson Four-The Golden Rule: Show Don’t Tell
  • Lesson Five-Write the Beginning
  • Lesson Six-Dialogue
  • Lesson Seven-Write the Middle
  • Lesson Eight-Stage Directions
  • Lesson Nine-Write the End
  • Lesson Ten-Spice Up Your Story
  • Lesson Eleven-Edit Your Story
  • Lesson Twelve-Put It all Together
Zany Zoo Adventures leads the young writer through a fun series of exercises to gently learn the writing process with this very familiar topic of zoo animals.

The first step of course is to choose your zoo character.
Homeschool Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksGabriel picked the Orange Lion Tamarin (Monkey) as there was one at the Phoenix Zoo and he was so excited to learn more about him.

Filling out the Zoo Animal Report in Lesson One is a perfect entre into writing about their character/animal.

The remaining lessons work carefully through each step of the writing process. We are currently working through Lesson six and creating the Dialogue of the story.
We can’t wait to work through the rest of the steps to find out what will happen with Gabriel’s Orange Lion Tamarin.
Stay tuned…

Benefits of the Creative Writing Made Easy Program
Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl Books
  • Easy to Use
  • Written for the Teacher/Homeschool Mom
  • Simple explanations for how to conduct lessons
  • Each lesson builds on the previous lesson for continuity and comprehension of the writing process

As the parent/teacher, I appreciate all the great teacher notes included in each of the Adventurer series.
The teacher’s attitude is a crucial element in the beginning writing process and so suggestions are given to be super encouraging all along the way — but also to “stay out of the way” of your writer so the creative process can take off for them.
Excellent suggestions for new or seasoned homeschool teachers!

Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksWe are looking forward to working through both the Spies of the Revolutionary War and Ocean Adventures in Writing down the road to solidify all the great writing tools that we are learning with the Zany Zoo Adventures program.
Please be sure to follow New Millennium Books on these social media sites:

Creative Writing Books for Boys - New Millennium Girl BooksAuthor Jan May is giving away her Creative Writing Made Easy Series to one (1) Curriculum Choice reader!
Fun hands-on language activities. This series is focused on the reluctant writers and great for boys. Three new books include: Spies of the Revolutionary War, Ocean Adventures in Writing and Zany Zoo Adventures in Writing. Play balloon bomb, Word Frisbee, Match Game. Do a an easy marble or dot painting of your character, make a secret code and battle drum. Be a spy and write about it!
This contest is open to residents of the continental USA for the physical copies of the books. Digital ebooks are available to an international winner.
What new adventures in writing await you and your young writers?