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Work with the wiggle and a boy’s sense of adventure! This Ocean Adventure in Creative Writing incorporates hands-on language activities that will hook even the most reluctant writers! There are twelve bite size lessons teaching how to create characters, setting and plot. Learn about the golden rule of writing, “show don’t tell” and how to use Onomatopoeia and Interjections. Perfect for teaching multiple age levels in homeschools, classrooms and co-ops. Great for the beginning student and seasoned student alike. Ideal for incorporating ocean and animal science.

84 pages-for ages 8 to 12


· Easy to follow Teacher Notes

· One student worksheet per lesson

· Fun language activities that enhance writing skills: Comic Strips, Word Frisbee and Story Beach Ball.

· Twenty ocean animal printables with a fun fact and natural habitat information

· Ocean animal report page with questions to answer with ocean border

· Unit study ideas to incorporate science and art



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