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How to Write a Fairy Tale for Kids

Princess and Frog Fairytale Writing Adventures

Students develop a princess character, the setting of a story, and develop a plot that helps the princess grow in character. Each lesson includes Princess School Time where inner beauty traits are highlighted, and relevant Bible verses are copied. Lessons learned are entered into a Princess Diary. Crafts and activities included: making a princess hat, friendship bracelets, castle cupcakes, making a name decoration, and donating your time and treasure to the poor.

You will love the self-guided, easy step-by-step instructions! There are twelve bite-sized lessons, 45-60 minutes each, to be used once or twice a week for twelve weeks. Each lesson includes Lesson Time, Writing Time, Activity Time, and Princess School Time. Students learn how to use descriptive tools like “wow words” and personification. The lessons culminate with an illustrated story and a Fairytale Theater. It’s easily adaptable for teaching multiple age levels together and great for incorporating literature and art. It’s perfect for individual students and groups alike. This writing adventure is so much fun because every girl can be a princess!



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