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Boys will love this curriculum created for writing about battles! It contains 12 easy self-guided lessons covering the basics of creative writing: character, setting, dialogue and plot development. Each lesson includes a handout to practice the new concept, story writing time and either a battle craft or activity.  

This curriculum nurtures a boy’s need for adventure! Even the reluctant writer will dive into the writing pool! “The activities will get boys up and moving (while still working on their writing project) so they can be ACTIVE the way God designed them to be!” Bonnie Rose, educational author100 Pages - For ages 8 – 12 Includes:·

Learn to use writing tools like onomatopoeia, similes and show don’t tell. Learn about the history of animals in warfare. Optional battle crafts included: marble tank painting and battle field clay diorama ·         

Battle Cry! Write a Soldier's Adventure

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