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Beginners Writing Bundle

Sure to Delight any 8-11 year old and nurture their writing skills and imagination!

       Includes 3 Creative Writing Books:

Yo, Ho, Ho! Write a Pirate's Adventure

Zany Zoo Stories

Ocean Adventures in Writing



Create an ocean community much like the beloved Finding Nemo and write tales from your animals point of view! Add in shell-phones and shark brigades and the fun and learning never stop!


Every night after the zookeeper goes home the zoo comes alive with the animals taking on human behaviors and tackling all the antics of the zoo. Will the kangaroo kick boxing champ win again? Will the monkey mayor change the banana laws? Your student can make up all the answers and write about it!


Sail along with your favorite pirate captain and search for buried treasure. Make up a silly pirate name and learn to talk pirate lingo! Boys and girls alike will love making the Jell-O shark treats and pirate hooks. Fighting is not encouraged.



Beginner's Writing Bundle

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