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5 Books Designed to Develop Writing Skills and Christian Character


Isabel’s Writing- The self guided 12-week writing book takes your daughter step by step in organizing a fictional story where the character grows in faith. Character, setting and plot development is highlighted. It changed our writing time from a terror into a time of delight!” Amy Blevins, homeschool parent


Isabel’s Closet- Create your character for the story, then as a paper doll, make her closet and design her clothes. Princess paper doll included. Roll play the adventures as you go! Girls love this! “My daughter was captivated from the start with the idea of clothing design and this really helped her put heart into writing her story.


Princess and Frog Write a Fairytale - Students develop a princess character, the setting of a story, and develop a plot that will help the princess grow in character. Each lesson includes Princess School Time where inner beauty traits are highlighted, relevant Bible verses are copied, and lessons learned apply with simple steps and journal entries in their Princess Diary. It’s filled with princess crafts and activities like making a princess hat or donating your time and treasure to the poor.


Creative and Crafty Writing Teacher Book - 12-lesson Christian course for girls and boys that is perfect for homeschool families, co-ops and classes. It combines creative writing lessons with cool crafts that kids love. Even reluctant writers are inspired to create with these inviting, hands-on lessons. Make a pop-up fable book, a class newspaper, and a short story with a seasonal theme. Concepts taught: plot, theme, characters, dialogue, journaling, and news reporting. Recommended for ages 8-12.


Creative and Crafty Student Book- Student book with craft pages.


Visit our Samples page to see how these books can enhance your homeschool journey!

R - Girl's Writing Bundle

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