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If your students love How to Train your Dragon, they will love this writing curriculum! Filled with exciting medieval history and activities ALL WHILE learning to write. The student chooses a medieval character to become, and writes a fictional story from that point of view. Will they be a knight or dragon trainer? A princess or royal baker? Your student chooses and the fun and learning begin!

There are twelve bite size lessons : 45- 60 minutes each to be used once or twice a week. You will love the self-guided easy step by step instructions. Students create characters, settings and plots along with learning how to use literary tools like similes and onomatopoeia. Filled with medieval fun like building a marshmallow catapult, baking a dragon cake, and learning the ancient game of Knucklebones!

Boys and girls alike will love it! Perfect for hooking the beginning student or nurturing the advanced writer. The culmination is an illustrated story and Medieval Fair. Easily adapted for teaching multiple age levels at the same time. Great for incorporating history and art. So much fun that even the reluctant writer will dive into the writing pool! 


Ages 8-12


· Student-guided lessons eliminate the work for you the teacher!

· One –Two student worksheets per lesson

· Learn about medieval history

· Fun activities stir up creativity: write for the Medieval Times newspaper, make a coat of arms, build a marshmallow catapult, and learn to play knucklebones!

· Fun dragon writing pages  




Knights and Castles, Damsels and Dragons Writing DIGITAL

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