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90 Pages filled with education and fun from the novels Isabel’s Secret and Isabel’s Fun Fair Fiasco. Isabel is an 11-year-old Christian girl proclaiming, "Winners never quit and quitters never win, for I serve the mighty God that lives deep within!"

Gallop along with her horse, Starlight, and BFF Holly as they crash through life’s challenges together. Each book contains a mystery to solve that keeps readers turning the pages! Themes: family, identity, servanthood, and perseverance. Includes makeovers, museums, Dinosaur Creek, horse races, powwows, and more! (Novels sold separately or in a bundle)


Vocabulary games, word searches, and crossword puzzles. Teaches literary elements: character growth, theme, similes, alliterations, and more. Filled with fun activities: make chocolate teepee treats, a name banner, a marble horse, and friendship bracelets. Special Native American Social Studies focus.

R- Literature Study Guide Isabel's Secret and Isabel's Fun Fair Fiasco- DIGITAL

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