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Includes 3 mid-grade novels filled with fun, faith, and adventure all 8-11 year old girls will enjoy hours of wholesome reading! Below are the book descriptions:

Callie’s Contest of Courage is a wonderful book about family, friendship, adventure, joy, faith, hope, love, and honesty. It captured the interest and attention of my daughter who is developing her own relationship with God. It nurtured her faith in Christ.” Tracy Masters

Isabel’s Secret is a book for 8-12 year old girls that kept my ten year old captivated. She couldn’t wait for me to review it—she snatched it and read it in a day, she is now rereading it! This is a great book about culture and a girl’s dream. My daughter said she'd give it more than five stars if she could. ~Author Laura Vernet Hilton

Isabel​’s Fun Fair Fiasco As fun to read as they are inspiring, the books in Jan May’s New Millennium Girls series will delight girls and their families. In Isabel’s Fun-Fair Fiasco, May’s exciting sequel to Isabel’s Secret, twelve-year-old Isabel Morningsky and her friends try to make life better for those living at the local Native American Reservation, but not everyone seems pleased. Working together, Morningsky and her friends collect clues to discover who is trying to sabotage their efforts and discover that with determination and God’s help, anything is possible. For extra fun, children are sure to enjoy the crafts and recipes at the end of the book. My daughter loved the whole series! – Meadow Rue Merrill, author

Triple Fun Reading Bundle

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