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Use the Superpower Writing approach and help your child succeed in writing by using:

  • Creative brainstorming-builds a bridge from brain to paper
  • Pre-writing fun activities-helps to organize an irresistible story
  • Free writing – writing without the fear of criticism unleashes the storyteller
  • Gentle grading-builds confidence, giving permission to be a child

Using these four tools creates a “writing adventure” instead of a dull writing lesson. After 15 years of teaching Creative Writing I have discovered when using these super powers, even the most reluctant writer will dive into the writing pool!


Sail along with Cap'n Long John Silver and search for the buried treasure.  Talk like a pirate and find out what your pirate name is. Then create a pirate crew and ship of your very own to launch out and search for the buried treasure. Students will love creating their own pirate tales to write about. 


With 12 easy step by step lessons, this self-guided curriculum ends with a flashlight pirate party. Perfect for reluctant writers! Works great for teaching multiple grades at once. 3-6 grade

Students will:

  • Learn how to create characters, setting, and plots
  • Learn literary tools like onomatopoeia and interjections
  • Learn how to use strong verbs, add adjectives, and dialogue

Fun Activities Include:

  • Make a pirate hat
  • Make a pirate hook
  • Make a pirate poster
  • Make your own pirate code
  • Dress up like a pirate for the day
  • Bake a pirate map pizza
  • Make teddy's walk the plank Jello cups

Yo, Ho, Ho! Write a Pirate's Adventure! DIGITAL

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