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This twelve week Zany Zoo Writing Adventure will put a smile on every face. After the zookeeper goes home each night, the zoo comes alive with activity as the animals begin to talk! Create a zoo community where the monkey mayor and kangaroo cupcake baker stirs up zany adventures for their fellow zoo mates. Children will love creating their own scenarios. Works with the wiggle in boys. Girls love it too!

There are twelve bite size lessons teaching how to create characters, settings, and plots. Learn about how to use dialogue and stage directions for an action packed story. Ideal for teaching multiple age levels and fun for the beginning or seasoned students alike. Perfect for homeschools, classrooms and co-ops. Great for incorporating animal science and art. So much fun that even the reluctant writer will dive into the writing pool!

84 pages-for ages 8 to 12

Visit our Samples page to see how this book can enhance your homeschool journey!


· Easy to follow Teacher Notes

· One student worksheet per lesson

· Nineteen Zoo Animal Information Station sheets with fun facts and natural habitat information

· Fun language activities like: Stage Direction Charades, Story Balloon Bomb, Match Game Plot Cards

· Art fun with Animal Portrait Marble Painting

· Zoo animal report page with questions to answer with zoo border

Zany Zoo Adventures in Writing

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